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About Us

Relocation - Australia to UK
Who is Alchemy and Ice?
You may not have heard of us because we are started our business in Australia.
Alchemy and Ice is a small business which began in Australia 2005 after we moved out to Australia from the UK. We bought a Kiln, and started making Glass Lampwork,  our first selling platform was on a well known auction site.
In August 2006 we decided to become independent by creating the Alchemy and Ice Website.
In Jan 2009 we moved from Adelaide to Penola, a small town on the Limestone Coast Wine Region, set in-between Mount Gambier, Nangwarry, Kalangadoo and Naracoorte (just to mention a few of the wonderfully named local towns!).
We lived in Penola for almost 2 years before coming back home (to the UK) New Year 2011.
When we moved our business over to the UK, there was no other Website like Alchemy and Ice selling such a unique range of jewellery making products, mixed media, Stamping Tools and Blanks and Jewellery Making Tools, with our Aussie/USA flavour we were quite unique and different from any other jewellery supplies Website in the UK!. 
There are now a few websites following suit offering Stamping supplies etc, but most do not carry such a large range, or actually have the products physically in stock (a large part of their catalogue is usually Pre-Order). We only list a small amount of stock as Pre-Order and this is generally only after we have already ordered the products and are expecting a shipment in a short space of time.
We hope you will enjoy browsing our wonderful range of jewellery making supplies!
The Alchemy and Ice Team
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