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Alchemy and Ice - Tools and Supplies - Adhesive, Cement, Glue & Image Sealer - Image Sealer - Art Mechanique Paper Sealer for Ice Resin 2oz - 60ml
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  Art Mechanique Paper Sealer for Ice Resin 2oz - 60ml
Art Mechanique Paper Sealer for Ice Resin 2oz - 60ml 
Art Mecahnique - Paper Sealer
Susan Lenart Kazmer
2oz (60ml)
This is a Sealant for your Collage work that was hand picked by Susan, who uses it exclusively in her own work. When applied to paper that is destined to go under ICE Resin, it will maintain its opacity, instead of becoming transparant, as paper does under ICE Resin. It is quick drying: just paint it on with a sponge and hold it in the air for 30 seconds to a minute; then apply ICE Resin, as usual, and insert it into a bezel that is ready for an ICE Resin pour. You probably love, as we do, the transparant effect ICE Resin has on paper. The use of Paper Sealer is for those special cases where you want to keep very dark, graphic lines in your collage work, or when using actual photographs, which can have a mottled look under resin because of uneven emulsion. Either way, its good to have around the studio!

SKU SKU25133
Quantity in stock 21 item(s) available
Weight 140.00 g
Price: 6.95 (AUD 10.43)
including VAT 20.00% (1.16)


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