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Ice Resin - F. A.Q.

ICE Resin ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Alchemy and Ice
Q:   My Part A Resin is thick and doesn't pour very well.

A:   It has gotten too cold in transit or storage and needs to be warmed.   Place the bottle in a sink of very hot tap water for about 40 minutes and it will warm up, be runny and won’t have bubbles.


Q: How small of a batch can I make?

A: Don’t mix less than half an ounce. The mixing cup that comes with the kit is a full ounce.


Q: How long does ICE Resin® take to harden?

A: It takes about 6 hours to set up enough to work with it.


Q: How long does it take ICE Resin® to cure?

A: Three days for cure time. Don’t put in an airtight container before it is cured or it can cloud. You can work with or wear it before its fully cured.


Q:   How do I get rid of bubbles?

A: A nice warm room makes it easier to mix and allows the bubbles to dissipate. After mixing, let the ICE Resin® sit for 5 minutes before working with it. You can also put it under a warm task light if you wish to further help the dissipation process. You can poke any remaining bubbles with a toothpick or piece of wire.   Bubbles aren't usually a huge problem.   Please, do NOT: wave a flame, or use a heat gun on mixed ICE Resin® in an attempt to release any bubbles. A little but of patience works the best.


Q:   How long do I have to use my mixed ICE Resin®?

A: It depends on the warmth of the room but usually 45 minutes to 1 hour. The container will start heating up when the pot life is over.


Q:   Can I move it after I pour it?

A:    If you are trying to create a dome, it’s not a good idea to move it after pouring. We use trays to work on. If it’s poured low or used on paper, you can safely move your project.   During the drying time it will be tacky to the touch and your fingerprints will stay so try not to move or touch during this time.


Q: Does ICE Resin® smell?

A:   Yes, if you put the mixed resin right under your nose there is a slight smell, but it’s nothing egregious.


Q: Will it yellow or fade?

A: Not usually, it will remain clear with normal use as jewellery.   If it’s drying slightly yellow you are using too much hardener…it’s a fine line!   You have to have enough hardener to attach to each molecule of resin and it’s always a good idea to have an extra drop, but too much will cause yellowing.   Also, overheating ICE Resin® before it dries will cause yellowing, do not use a torch, heat gun or heat lamp to expedite the drying time if you want it to remain crystal clear.   It is not meant to be put outdoors in the sun other than being worn as jewellery.
Q: What does “doming” mean?

A: Another benefit of ICE Resin® over some of the other brands on the market today is that it’s self-doming. This means that it naturally prefers to create a “dome” shape when you pour it into a bezel. If you drip it in, it looks like a drop of water and will hold its drop shape unless you add too much and over pour your bezel.

The easiest way to achieve a good dome is to pour the bezel almost full, let it dry for six hours and then mix up a new batch and let the last little fill drip in like a drop of water. If it’s a large bezel, it’s much better to fill it in this kind of 2-step process. The pressure of resin in a large bezel will cause it to overflow if you try to dome all in one step. We hate cleaning up overfilled resin, so we always fill in layers.


Q: What is the shelf life of my unmixed ICE Resin® package?

A: ICE Resin® is pretty unlimited, but the hardener has about a year plus shelf life. Store in a cool dry place.   As it ages, the hardener will turn more amber but still dry clear.


Q:   How is ICE Resin® different from other craft resins then?

A:   Our resin formula is jeweller’s grade two-part epoxy resin that dries permanently and will not fade or yellow. It remains ice-clear with a glass-like finish.   You can even store it in a glass of water and it won’t be damaged.


Q: Does ICE Resin® come in a matte finish?

A: No, but ICE Resin® is easily altered. Once it is set up you can use fine sandpaper and buffing cloths to get a matte finish. You can also carve it and drill through it.


Q:   Will you be able to dent it with a fingernail after its cured?

A: No. Not if you measured correctly (1 part resin to 1 part hardener) and thoroughly mixed it. If resin is still sticky or soft after 24 hours, it was not mixed properly.


Q: Can my project be saved if I didn't mix correctly?

A:   Most likely. You can always mix another batch of resin and add another layer to your project. If you've “domed” your bezels (meaning the top looks like a perfect little dome) you can roll a small piece of paper towel into a cone and use the tip as a “paintbrush” to carefully paint a thin layer of resin to the top of your project.


Q:   Can I use it on my sculpture pieces?

A: You can use ICE Resin® on anything that is dry or oil based.


Q: Can I cast ICE Resin®?

A: Absolutely. Please see our article on casting with ICE Resin®.


Q: What can I do with leftover resin?

A:   We always keep some vintage papers or dictionary paper close by and use any leftover on it. Please see our tutorial on making ICE Resin® paper for more information.


Q: what is the difference between ICE Resin® and the other products I find in my craft store?

A:   There are multiple paper products on the market that look similar to a resin.   Most of them are not really waterproof and not really meant for a jewellery application.   ICE Resin® is a jeweller’s grade epoxy resin and will not yellow or breakdown under normal use.   I have run it through my dishwasher for weeks at time, with soap and dirty dishes, and it looks exactly the same as when I first made it.   It is also self-doming and clear enough that if you put crystals in the bottom the light will reflect off of them.

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