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BRONZclay™ - Bronze Clay

BRONZclay™ is here! This exciting new medium offers a new world of possibilities for jewellery-makers, artists and sculptors. BRONZclay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it's so affordable, it can be used to create large pieces and specialized tools, it can even be thrown on a potter’s wheel to shape bronze hollow-ware.
We are looking into offering a Firing service for Bronze Clay, to allow customers to design in Metal Clay without the expense of purchasing a Kiln. Alternatively you might find a source in your local area that offers a firing Service (Bronze Clay must be fired in a Steel pan with Activated Charcoal).


BRONZclay™ Bronze Metal Clay, Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbon, 500g
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BRONZclay™ Bronze Metal Clay, Coal-Based, Acid-Washed Activated Carbon, 500g
SKU: SKU19729
Market price: £7.50 save 27%
including VAT 20% ( £0.92 )
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