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Plier Sets

Jewellery Making Pliers Sets!


Purchasing a Pliers Set is a good way to start if you are a beginner and unsure of what tools you need. There are some very basic sets which just give you the essentials, or other larger sets include useful tools you may not have considered.
Sets give you savings over purchasing the tools and case separately, so they make a good base. I like to have two identical pairs of Chain Nose Pliers; these are available separately, so you can add them or any other pliers to your collection too! 


Beadsmith Ergonometric Economy Plier Set 5-pc Boxjoint Blue Handle
SKU: SKU26366
Market price: £34.99 save 9%
including VAT 20% ( £5.33 )
Beadsmith Fashion Colour - Plier Set in Leatherette Case
SKU: SKU24366-01
including VAT 20% ( £6.50 )

Beadsmith 8 Piece Plier Set - Mini Colour ID in Carry Case
SKU: SKU23529
including VAT 20% ( £3.00 )
Beadsmith Deluxe Beaders Ergo Plier Tool Set 9 piece in Leatherette Case
SKU: SKU20920
Market price: £59.99 save 8%
including VAT 20% ( £9.17 )
Beadsmith Purple Plierz - Plier Set of Round, Flat, Chain Nose & Side Cutter in Leatherette Case
SKU: SKU18684
Market price: £33.90 save 17%
including VAT 20% ( £4.67 )
Beadsmith 5 Piece Pliers Set - New Colour ID Handles
SKU: SKU16161
including VAT 20% ( £2.83 )
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