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Shrink Plastic Sheet, Glossy, (A6) Pink

Shrink Plastic Sheet, Glossy, (A6) Pink
Shrink Plastic Sheets for Jewellery Making UK
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Shrink Plastic Sheets, Pink, A6 (145x100mm approx).
Step By Step.
This product will shrink over 50% of the original size when heated.
Be aware that shrink plastic does have a grain.
Lightly sand the shrink plastic before applying ink or oil based colored pencils.
Stamp or draw an image. Colour. Cut out if desired.
It is best to colour the plastic before heating.
If creating a charm, you must hold punch the shrink plastic BEFORE heating or baking.
Following manufacturer’s instructions, “bake” shrink plastic in toaster oven or oven. Do not leave unattended. Watch the shrink plastic. It will take a few minutes, but the shrink plastic will begin to shrink. Average baking time is approximately 3-5 minutes. It is done when the plastic remains flat and not moving. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely before touching.
Another heating option is to use your heat tool. Place the shrink plastic in a box and begin to apply heat to it with heat tool or heat gun. It will move about, but keep heating until shrinking is complete.
Avoid trying to heat shrink plastic too quickly because it can curl and if not careful it will curl on itself. You can flatten with a metal or wood spoon.
Smaller items will curl quickly and flatten faster than larger pieces.
Make your own custom buttons.
When inking your project be sure to use a heat setting ink such pigment inks for best results or use permanent ink.
If using chalks be certain to use non-oil chalk pastels.
Trace a child or baby’s foot or hand to make a unique embellishment or charm
Use punches and make your own confetti
Cut out tag shapes
You can use rubberstamp images, hand drawn images, trace die cuts, letters, or template shapes. Just keep in mind that the image will be very small.
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