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Swellegant Dye-Oxides Sun Yellow 1oz Bottle

Swellegant Dye-Oxides Sun Yellow 1oz Bottle
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Swellegant Dye-Oxides - Sun Yellow
Quantity: 1 oz Bottle
Swellegant Dye Oxides: A DIY Patina and "colour-ize" in one line. Easy to use and perfect for the Jewellery DIY beginner. Swellegant product are safe to use in a in home studio or work area, please take normal safety precautions. Swellegant Dye Oxides bond with the chemical composition of base layer you apply it on...metal, polymer clay, ceramic, paper and more. Low odour formula.
The Dye-Oxides are a Patina too, in that they soak into the metal and into the patinas to become part of the piece, not just a colour that lays on top. They are intensely coloured, but transparent, which means you can add them to create just the whisper of colour, or you can really layer them on to create an intense tint.

Instructions For Adding Dye-Oxides:

  • Add the dyes right on top of the Metal Coatings and or the Patinas. You can add one or more at a time.
  • Use a brush or sponge to dab the colourant onto the piece, wipe off any excess.
  • Let the dye soak in. Check the colour in 5 to 10 minutes - you may need to add more dye to reach the intensity you want.
  • Now look over your piece - Did the patinas and dyes take over? Is the metallic colour too hidden? If so, its now time to brighten your piece up and renew the metal glow, to your likening! (Unless your already happy with the look!) Often a best way to pop the metal is to use your gloved finger to smear a bit of the Metal Coating right over the top of all the other colourants, hitting the highlights. Using some of the underlying metal to re-touch the piece will look great, but no need to be limited to that. Often using another metal to hit highlights can look really great! I.e. Using brass to touch up bronze is really affective, as is silver over iron.
  • If you end up not liking the dye you put on, you can always re-coat it with the original metal and patina again. You don't have to stop until you are happy with what it looks like!
  • Another (optional) great way to bring out the metallic glow is to burnish your piece - however, you must wait at least 48 hours (72 would be best!) before you burnish. This is because, despite feeling dry to touch within about 15mins or so, it takes a bit of time for the metal coatings/patinas/dyes to fully cure and attach themselves to the piece. If you choose to burnish before the work is dry, you may just scrape the metal off the piece.
  • Protecting and Sealing - This is also optional, but if it is a piece you will be wearing frequently, you can stop the patina from rubbing off on your clothes over time. Again, allow the piece to set for 72 hours before adding a clear sealant. We would recommend you add a thin layer initially and then build up if needed.


  • The dyes will stain! So wear rubber gloves and an apron.
  • The Tiffany and Verdigris patinas are traditional patinas, which means that they are slightly acidic - they won't burn your skin or clothing, just avoid prolonged contact.
  • Shake all the bottles very thoroughly before each use.
  • It is best to pour out a little of whatever product you're using, then put the lid back on the bottle, since they dry out when exposed to air.
  • After letting your price dry completely, preferably for 72 hours, you will did to use a sealant like the Swellegant Sealant or Renaissance Wax, to fix the coatings, patinas and dyes.
  • Why not try using the Swellegant Prep Surface Primer, to ensure your coatings attach to your surface, particularly if it is quite porous.
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