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Beading Resources

Beading Resources - useful information for beaders.
Artisan Lampwork Artists - Take your Jewellery Design to a whole new level, use unique Beautiful individually made Glass Beads in your unique handmade jewellery - support other talented self representing Artists.

Bead Size Reference Chart  -  Print out this Bead Chart as it provides a useful reference to visualise the actual "life" size of beads when buying online.

Wire Gauge Metric Conversion Chart   - Wire is often measured by Gauge, however it is also measured by millimetre diameters, this chart displays the most commonly used wire sizes used in Jewellery making.

Swarovski Crystal Colour Chart   - This chart shows a range of Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Colours, also check out the link to the "Create Your Style" website for free tutorials.

Ring  Conversion Calculator   - Do you need to convert a size "K" ring to a US size? this handy calculator will do that for you, also checkout the link to the Online Conversion website, for lots of other popular calculations, a must site to bookmark!

Product Material Information  - A glossary of some common metals and materials in the Jewellery making world, what is the difference between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver?

Bronzclay Tips   - A Guide to using Bronze Metal Clay

Getting Started,  Tools for Jewellery making -  There are so many tools available, which ones do you need?. 

Working with Blank Metal and Image Transfer or Resin -  A quick guide to how to use Image Transfer Medium, applying photogrpahs and images directly to metal, and using Resin.
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